Greek Ollendorff update

In 2013 I recorded Asahel C. Kendrick’s Greek Ollendorff and made these publicly available on Dropbox. In January 2021, when I was consolidating various things I have done on the web into this WordPress blog, I decided to delete my Ollendorff recordings, since I didn’t have any evidence they had gained any traction — see my post The “OTC Moment” and the update there. Oddly, several people have since contacted me asking what happened to my Ollendorff recordings. As a result, I have put them back on Dropbox.

As a reminder, I subdivided the ninety-seven Ollendorff lessons into eight “albums.” Under the main folder “Greek Ollendorff” you will find a separate sub-folder on Dropbox for each of these albums. In each sub-folder you will find: (1) An exercise key for the lessons in that album; (2) the “regular” recordings, in which I recite the contents of the entire lesson, English and Greek; (3) “Greek Only” recordings (distinguished by “GO” in the file names), in which I recite only the Greek content.

In the parent folder (“Greek Ollendorff”) there are two files. I wrote “Greek Ollendorff Intro and Album Organization_20130619.docx” as an introduction to my Ollendorff recordings when I originally published them in 2013. That document still serves as a valid introduction to the project, though I have not bothered to correct some minor things that are out of date. “Greek Ollendorff Vocabulary.docx” is a list of all the Greek vocabulary encountered in the Ollendorff.

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I am retired. I have several strong interests, in particular classical studies (Greek and Latin); a lifelong passion for music, especially jazz; and more recently, dabbling in philosophy. For more information about me, click on About Me.

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  1. Hi Randy,
    It’s very kind of you to share these precious files again. I can confirm that the link works perfectly and the files are in pristine condition.
    Best regards,
    Luis Miguel Casal


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