Graecists and Latinists, Welcome


only his Latin text
and vine of Nano ivy–
a mysterious rustling of leaves–
did he already leave
to be with Virgil
and Livy?

June 2010

Welcome to my Languages blog on WordPress.

Ten years ago, as I was transitioning to retirement, I began dusting off my Latin and Greek. I had been a Classics major in college, and in fact I have an ABD (All But Dissertation), but I had not read these ancient languages in decades. How did that go? I recorded some of my experience and observations in a blog on Blogger that I called “Teaching Yourself Latin and Greek — Notes of an Autodidact.” That was a little misleading, since I originally learned Latin and Greek in the classroom. So be it.

I have now started this new blog site on WordPress. As a first item of business, I have imported those posts from Blogger (minus a few I am letting go by the wayside) and am reproducing them here, with a handful of tweaks and updated links, but retaining the original publication dates. If you have found your way to this site and are only interested in those original Blogger posts, you can find them by scrolling to the bottom of the posts listed on this page, or go to the bottom of my home page and click on the tag “Blogger”.

I look forward to posting some more reflections on the business of learning Greek and Latin in the days and months to come.


Published by Randy Gibbons

I am retired. I have several strong interests, in particular classical studies (Greek and Latin); a lifelong passion for music, especially jazz; and more recently, dabbling in philosophy. For more information about me, click on About Me.

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  1. Hi Randy! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luis Miguel, from Spain, and I’ve been studying Ancient Greek for a couple of years now, and Latin for one year. When I started to study Greek I searched for resources on the Internet, and I stumbled upon the textkit website, and eventually that led me to your recordings of the Greek Ollendorff, which I started using with much profit. Unfortunately, the computer where I had those files stored broke down and I’ve been unable to retrieve them. I thought I could download them again from the Internet, but I found they’re no longer available, that you’ve deleted the dropbox folder where they were stored. First, I’d like to thank you for uploading them in the past, I only got to study the first 20 lessons or so, with Bedwere’s edition purchase from and your audios, but that was very useful. I’m sad to know that your recordings didn’t “gain much traction”… I guess Ancient Greek is not the most popular topic in the world.
    Having said that, I wonder if there is any chance you could share them with me. I would gladly pay for those recordings to continue with my study of Ollendorff where I left it.
    Best regards,
    Luis Miguel Casal


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